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A Presentation

This is a brief presentation of Beacon Information AB - a minor but fairly experienced enterprise in the field of Information Technology. It is also intended to be an account for the various types of services offered by the enterprise, its main activities since 1990 - the year it was established - and for the knowledge and experience that the enterprise has access to in the actual field - albeit the staff so far is constituted by a single person - the author.

The Enterprise

Types of services offered

Beacon can offer services from a broad spectrum within the IT knowledge field:

Beacon Activities

Below is a chronologically ordered summary of activities at Beacon since september 1990: A small number of other applications (for other customers than my collegues) were also implemented for the same platforms using the same development tools during these years.

IT Knowledge and Experience

Experience from the 60's and 70's

The computers

My own activities

During the three last years of the sixties, the points that follow show in short the experience gained working with a high technology team developing hardware and software for a series of process control computers (UAC1600, word length 8 bits and UAC1610, word length 16 bits): 1970-1980: Employed as a software designer and programmer with a major shipyard company, I spent these years participating in a huge project designing and implementing a new administrative system using various main frames - from SAAB D21/D22 to IBM 4340 and Amdahl V6. The programming languages used were mainly an extended ALGOL language and IBM's PLI. The points below show the most significant kinds of experience gained during these, sometimes tedious, years: . . .

Experience from the 80's>

The computers

My own activities

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