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Roscoe is the crown - some might say clown - prince of Angelo State University. Seen at most athletic events and many community activities, Roscoe lets his actions do his talking, whether it is leading cheers, handing out candy to children or greeting freshmen when they arrive on campus.

A perpetual junior with a major in animal science and a minor in communications, Roscoe D. Ram is the son of Buck and Ewenice Ram of San Angelo. He is the only campus persona seen to wear his letter sweater everywhere. In his spare time, he hangs out with the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha.

Roscoe made his first appearance in 1970 when Wiley Burrus put on a fur-and-felt ram´s head constructed around a motorcycle helmet and appeared as Roscoe Ram I. Burrus would serve two years as Roscoe before passing the crown, err head, on to C.A. Cockrell in 1972.

Though their names are known to posterity, the identity of subsequent Roscoes has been kept secret by his Pike brothers. After all, a celebrity of his magnitude needs a little privacy now and then.

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